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Blood lives... AGAIN!
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Daniel Gaxiola Lugo
Artist | Student
Current Residence: Culiacán city, Mexico
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite style of art: Manga, comic, traditional art
Operating System: windows xp
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Shell of choice: 8 gauge shotgun shells
Skin of choice: The Berseker Armor
Favourite cartoon character: Vanilla Rabbit, Gattsu from Berserk, Alucard, Sonic, Aurora Spencer, Skipper the penguin, Marlene the otter, Son Goku, Lion-O.
Personal Quote: Good, Bad, I am the guy with the gun
  • Listening to: New Order
  • Reading: Heart of Darkness
  • Watching: All Hail King Julien, Steven Universe
  • Playing: Halo 5, MGSV:TPP, Borderlands 2 Handsome Edition
  • Eating: Potato chips
  • Drinking: Coffee
Quiz template made by :iconstevulien:
A quiz about my recent favorite show along with Steven universe

You can also use it too, but please credit her first:iconstevulien:

its ok if you answer here my journal, i want to hear your opinions

1- Who's your favorite character?
Clover, she literally is the main reason why i watch this show, she is funny, beautiful, strong, badass, fucking crazy like Trevor Philips in a Gilf's convention, she has a hot british accent by Mrs. India de Beaufort that makes my heart melts just by hearing her, all of that packed in a cutie tomboy.

2- Who's your least favorite character?
Although it was hard for me to choose which character was my least favorite character the program (proof that the show is well written even better than POM was) the character that I liked least (and the only character I hate of the entire show) was Julien XII (aka: Uncle Julien), Why? because he is fucking bastard son of a bitch, that is, during years he oppressed his people through fear so that they will obey to him and since secretly offers lemurs to sacrifice to the sky gods, I gather he was responsible for the death of Julien's parents in order to take the throne for himself, also Julien said his uncle one time tried to abandom him in the jungle (to be devoured by the Fossa) and also tried to kill his own nephew (his own blood) many times since Julien was crowned.

3- What's your favorite episode?
I dont know, i can't decide just one. :iconrelivedplz:

4- What's your least favorite episode?
"The Diapers are the new black", seriously, anyone who thought in waste money, time and resources in animation and voice acting in a entire episode dedicated to the diaper fetish deserves to get punched in the nose.

5- Who's your favorite villain?
i had actually three, Karl the Fanaloka because unlike the previous James bond's style villains of POM, he acts more mobster, a drug lord and weapons dealer than just a generic crazy scientific or a treacherous spy like Dr. Blowhole or Hans the puffin. Abner and Becca because they look to me like a redneck version of Team Rocket from Pokemon (only this time more capable than Jesse and James) and the Cobra Doctor (sadly i dont remember his name) becuase he jokes about his patients while he carves them up like turkeys, he reminded a lot to Dr. Zed Blanco from Borderlands games (the funny thing is that both dont have any medical licence) and it make me laugh how he yells a lot.
6- Who's your least favorite villain?
Uncle Julien, i said before why i hate this bastard, i think in a world where you like all the people around you need someone to hate, maybe thats why the writters make him like that.

7- What's your favorite season?
The two seasons, because it shows how the character development, especially with Julien because he changes a lot from the ungrateful dickhole he was in POM  to a golden hearted jerk that appreciates his friends and treats them like his own family, learns about his mistakes and he worries about his kingdom and tries to be a good king for his people.

8- Favorite episode from season 1?
One More Cup. because it shows King Julien its capable of doing heroic things for his kingdom and friends.
9- Favorite episode from season 2?
Crimsom and Clover. it shows that Clover really worries for her king and the fact she have feelings for Julien than just friendship.

10- Favorite secondary character? (Not counting villains).
I think Timo because i feel identified with him as the shy dorky guy.

11- Favorite female character?
I said Clover its my favorite character of all but its also my favorite female character so i think i said Xixi the toucan its my second favorite female character, she is funny, clumsy and a party animal, for some strange reason she always crash with something when she try to land (like she was drunked, LOL)

12- Do you have any favorite shipping?
King Julien X Clover, their relationship of clumsy girly boy and tough stoic tomboy its adorable, it reminded me the relation that Po and Master Tigress had in Kung Fu Panda 2 or Spongebob and Sandy in the old seasons of Spongebob.

13- Do you have a crush on any character of the show?
The badass tomboy waifu (aka: Clover) :iconinloveplz:

14- What do you love about the show?
The comedic style just like the old looney tunes, Ren & Stimpy or Cow & Chicken shows, the adult jokes and innuendos (theres plenty of those in this show :XD: ) and of course my dear Clovie :heart:

15- What do you hate about the show?
The time of waiting for the new episodes and the grossout jokes like puking recently in the season 2, i mean the puking jokes not bother me but it seems to starting in a running gag.

16- Favorite soundtrack?
Sadly i dont remember the names of the track of the show but all the music in the show is really good and catchy.



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